delivered directly to your door

Hi, we’re Fast Car To Florence. 


We’re a rock band from Nottingham, UK, and we’ve always done things a bit differently. 


In a world full of subscriptions and streaming, we believe that there’s still nothing that quite beats the feeling of holding a tangible, physical, copy of music in your hand. That’s why we’ve decided to burn our three best tracks on to a bunch of CDs to send out to new listeners.


It’s completely free. There’s no catch. All we want is to share our music with as many people as possible. We’ll even pay for the postage and packaging to get it to you. 


Enter your details now to claim a copy, and it will well and truly be yours to do with as you please. It might sit untouched by your door for days; you might decide to chuck it out. You might love it. It’s your call. Thanks for taking a chance.